Project editing    Coordinate and edit a project from proposal or rough manuscript to final manuscript, incorporating input from authors, consultants and reviewers. May include budgeting, hiring, design supervision, project coordination and dealing with print providers.

Manuscript evaluation  •  Review manuscript for tone, language level, characterization, voice, point of view, structure, logic, plot inconsistencies and other issues.

Structural editing  •  Ensure the progression of ideas or flow of information or story makes sense and is suitable for the intended audience; eliminate redundancy or superfluous material and strengthen transitions where appropriate; make suggestions for headings or other elements to help with navigation; check positioning of visual elements.

Stylistic editing (sometimes called “line editing”)    Clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, smooth language (e.g., ensure tone and vocabulary are appropriate for the audience). May include addressing sentence- or paragraph-level structure, checking or correcting reading level.

Copy editing    Edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style; check for consistency of mechanics and internal consistency of facts. May include Canadianizing; metrication; editing captions and/or credit lines; flagging material for copyright compliance/permissions needed; checking table of content headings are consistent with text.

Production editing    Ensure integration of design and content. May include mark-up, checking page elements such as folios, headings, widows/orphans and/or checking page impositions and high-res colour proofs. May also include locating, negotiating with and supervising designer, artists, typesetter and printer and creating a production schedule.

Proofreading    Examine material after layout or in its final format to correct errors in textual and visual elements. May include checking accuracy of running heads, folios and changes made to type in previous stages, checking page breaks and location of art, and inserting page numbers to table of contents and cross-references if necessary. May also include checking page impositions and high-res colour proofs.


Publication design    Design publication content, incorporating elements such as layout, typeface, colour, graphic/photographic elements.

Website design    Develop the design and layout concept, incorporating elements such as type face, colour, visual elements; build an architecture so that content is presented logically and is easy to find.

Layout    Lay out a publication according to a set design; includes considerations like page breaks, widows/orphans, integration of graphic/photographic elements.

Formatting    Style text, headings, citations, quotations in a manuscript or document in preparation for design/layout.


Features, Reports, Interviews, Social media posts (Facebook, Twitter), Blurbs, Captions, Deks; Copywriting.


Interviews, workshops, Hansard    Transcription editing

Books (fiction, non-fiction, memoir, educational; textbooks, guidebooks), magazines, newsletters, Hansard, online learning modules, theses, monographs, essays, literature review, directories, catalogues, reports, speeches, talking points, communiqués, issue notes, social media, transcripts, websites, promotional material.

Animals, Antigua, arms imports, art, barefooting, biography, biology, brain science, business development, the Camino, Canadian authors, education, English as a Second Language (ESL), entertainment, environment, fantasy, government, green business, Green Party of Ontario, Group of 20 (G20) summit, holistic health, investment software, land conservancy, law, legislative proceedings, Muskoka, neuroscience, organic lawncare, parenting, peacekeeping, photography, personal development, placemaking, pregnancy, public art, recreation, short stories (American, Dubus), social marketing, solar power, STEM (lit review), travel/tourism, yoga, young adult, youth development.

Also interested in: addiction, allergies, criticism, environmental protection, feminism, film, food and drink, home repair and renovations, interior design, literature, music, nature, philosophy, politics, psychology, social justice, sustainability; running, hiking, rowing, kayaking.

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