Editing, Proofreading & Manuscript evaluation


•  The DCI James Hardy series: Jay Gill – detective, thriller
•  The Race to the Blackened Nevers: Douglas Bain – mythology/fantasy series
•  Zhòh series / The Clan of the Wolf; The Spirit of the Wolf; Destiny of the Wolf: Bob Hayes – historical survival/arctic
•  Love Ledgers: Confessions of a Plain Jane Accountant: Connie Lukey – humour/romance
  Shadows, Shells, and Spain: John Meyer – travel (the Camino)
•  Zhòh series / The Clan of the Wolf: Bob Hayes – historical/survival/arctic
•  Blip: Amy Sharman – young-adult
•  Four-book series (untitled): Kushan Omar Sufi – young readers, fantasy
  Kollie Blackswell & the Professors of Livingston: BeCreative Communications – fantasy



Law, Business
•  Legal Aspects of International Business, 4th ed: Emond Publishing – textbook
•  Tort Law–Cases and Material: Emond Publishing – textbook
•  Charter Remedies: Emond Publishing – textbook
•  Religion, Liberty, and the Jurisdictional Limits of Law: Barry W. Bussey and Iain T. Benson, eds – law/religious freedom
•  Cultivating Leadership: Jo-Anne Hill – leading in the hotel industry
•  1-2-3 Launch It: Angela Goodhart – launching a photography business

Personal Development, Philosophy
•  Conscious Caregiving: Presence at Work: Nancy O’Carroll – caregiving and personal growth
•  The Soul of Place: Michael Jones – placemaking

Health, Wellness
•  The Holistic Handbook: RTI Publishing – holistic health
•  How to Wear Bare Feet: Sue Regan Kenney – barefooting

•  Living Through World War II – Olga and Milos Novak
•  Hopscotch: Safia Ibrahim – Somalia, emigration, family, polio, romance
•  Adoption Unplugged: Jay Bancroft – international transracial adoption
•  Swimming in a Red Sea: Lawrelynd Bowin – Guinea, family, female circumcision
•  The Abridged Memoirs of General Choi Hong Hi: Brian Jantzi – journals, tae kwon do
•  Que Sera, Sara: Sandy Sharon Skepple – childhood in Antigua
•  Expecting Sunshine: Alexis Marie Chute – pregnancy after a newborn loss
•  Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: Pauline Johansen – childhood in a large immigrant Catholic family


• Smart Growth in Mid-Sized Canadian Cities — PhD dissertation
•  Training NAVCanada instructors – PhD research
•  Re-engaging Canada in United Nations Peace Operations: Peter Langille, Policy Options paper
•  India’s Arms Imports: Maaike Verbruggen, master’s thesis
•  The Monitoring of the Rights of the Child: Tara Collins, grad paper

English as a Second Language (ESL)

•  National Geographic Learning/Cengage – online course for UAE students
•  Colborne Communications – online course, SENA
•  Muskoka Language International – curriculum for Japanese students
•  India’s Arms Imports: Maaike Verbruggen – master’s thesis, ESL author
•  The Brain Show / Behind the Scenes: Zeev Nitsan MD – neurology book, ESL author

Online modules

•  Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association – online course modules for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) stakeholders


•  JH Hospitality Consulting – monthly
•  Edition: Editors’ Association of Canada, Toronto – member newsletter
•  The Green Party of Ontariomember newsletter
•  Conservancy News – land-conservancy member newsletter
•  HABAC: Human Animal Bond Association of Canada – newsletter
•  Breakthrough – literacy-group newsletter
•  Pawprint: Apex Publishers – newsletter for magazine advertising prospects


•  Multiple Moments: Multiple Births Canada
•  Charity Gala. The Gambler: Evermore Publishing
•  Holiday International – press kit for magazine
•  Dogs in Canada (monthly and annual): Apex Publishers


•  Tiny Talent World – children’s talent agency
•  Assembly Editors Group – group offering Hansard editorial services
•  Holistica Ottawa – holistic health
•  Holiday International – travel-lifestyle membership

Guidebooks, Workbooks

•  Streets Alive!: Streets Alive Productions – annual public-art exhibit
•  Positive Youth Development: Parks and Recreation Ontario – facilitator guide, workbook, PowerPoint presentation

Directories, Catalogues

•  Canadian Who’s Who: Third Sector Publishingdirectory of biographies
•  Bookshelf and Awards: Canadian Authors Association – catalogue
•  Dogs Annual: Apex Publishers – directory of dog breeders
•  Toronto Map Guide: Apex Publishers – directory/map of Toronto accommodations and restaurants


Avenir Group – investment/development proposals for Middle East governments and companies


•  Northwest Territories: Assembly Editors Group – verbatim record of legislative proceedings in the NWT

Manuscript Evaluation

•  The Story of Opa: Hubert Weinfurter – growing up in Austria, emigrating to Canada
•  The Four Pillars of Utopia: Luke Macmichael – book, addressing the greatest problems of our time
•  Pot Doc: Dr. Michael Geci – memoir, battle to legalize medical marijuana in the US
The Spin: Suzanne Crone – novel, humour/fantasy/sci-fi
•  The G.O.D.: Amy Glin – novel, speculative fiction (read-through for the editor)
•  Blip: Amy Sharman – novel, young adult, humour

Full-time and Consultancy

I helped the 2020 Group of Twenty (G20) presidency establish clarity, accuracy and consistency in all editorial content. Besides hands-on editing and conferring with writers, I established a style guide and trained other editors on it to support professional communication. The overall goal was to enhance the message of the G20 and ensure it was presented consistently and effectively to a variety of audiences.

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