•  Four-book series: Kushan Omar Sufi – children’s fantasy
•  Zhòh / The Spirit of the Wolf: Robert Hayes – historical/survival
•  Blip: Amy Sharman – young-adult
•  Love Ledgers: Confessions of a Plain Jane Accountant: Connie Lukey – humour/romance
  Shadows, Shells, and Spain: John Meyer – travel (Camino)
•  Zhòh / The Clan of the Wolf: Robert Hayes – historical/survival
  Kollie Blackswell & the Professors of Livingston: BeCreative Communications – fantasy


— Education/Philosophy/Academic
CAREGIVING •  Conscious Caregiving: Presence at Work: Nancy O’Carroll
PHOTOGRAPHY •  1-2-3 Launch It: Angela Goodhart
HOLISTIC HEALTH •  The Holistic Handbook: RTI Publishing
HOTELS •  Cultivating Leadership: Jo-Anne Hill
BAREFOOTING •  How to Wear Bare Feet: Sue Regan Kenney
RELIGIOUS FREEDOM •  Religion, Liberty, and the Jurisdictional Limits of Law: Barry W. Bussey and Iain T. Benson, eds
AMERICAN LITERATURE •  Andre Dubus / Moving Toward Redemption: Andrea Ivanov-Craig
•  The Soul of Place: Michael Jones
NEUROLOGY •  The Brain Show / Behind the Scenes: Zeev Nitsan MD (ESL author)
SCIENCE •  Biology (McGraw-Hill Ryerson): Dawn Hunter / Mark My Words (university textbook)
MATHEMATICS •  Multiplication and division section: BeCreative Communications – teacher resource manual

— Memoirs
CAMINO •  (Un)Bound Together: Amit Janco – healing
ADOPTION •  Adoption Unplugged: Jay Bancroft – international transracial
FEMALE CIRCUMCISION •  Swimming in a Red Sea: Lawrelynd Bowin – coming to terms; Guinea/Vancouver
TAE KWON DO •  The Abridged Memoirs of General Choi Hong Hi: Brian Jantzi – journals
ANTIGUA •  Que Sera, Sara: Sandy Sharon Skepple – childhood
PREGNANCY •  Expecting Sunshine: Alexis Marie Chute – after losing a newborn
CATHOLIC CHILDHOOD •  Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear: Pauline Johansen – in a large immigrant family

PEACEKEEPING •  “Re-engaging Canada in United Nations Peace Operations”: Peter Langille – Policy Options
ARMS IMPORTS •  “India’s Arms Imports”: Maaike Verbruggen – master’s thesis
CHILD RIGHTS •  “The Monitoring of the Rights of the Child”: Tara Collins – grad paper

English as a Second Language (ESL)
ONLINE COURSE •  National Geographic Learning/Cengage – for UAE students
ONLINE COURSE •  Colborne Communications – SENA
CURRICULUM •  Muskoka Language International – for Japanese students
MASTER’S THESIS •  “India’s Arms Imports”: Maaike Verbruggen – ESL author
NEUROLOGY BOOK •  The Brain Show / Behind the Scenes: Zeev Nitsan MD – ESL author

•  Edition: Editors’ Association of Canada, Toronto – member newsletter
•  The Green Party of Ontario – member newsletter
•  Conservancy News – land-conservancy member newsletter
•  HABAC: Human Animal Bond Association of Canada – newsletter
•  Breakthrough – literacy-group newsletter
•  Pawprint: Apex Publishers – newsletter for magazine advertising prospects

•  Multiple Moments: Multiple Births Canada
•  Charity Gala. The Gambler: Evermore Publishing
•  Holiday International – press kit for magazine
•  Dogs in Canada (monthly and annual): Apex Publishers

•  Tiny Talent World – children’s talent agency
•  Assembly Editors Group – group offering Hansard editorial services
•  Holistica Ottawa – holistic health
•  Holiday International – travel-lifestyle membership

Guidebooks, Workbooks
•  Streets Alive!: Streets Alive Productions – annual public-art exhibit
•  Positive Youth Development: Parks and Recreation Ontario – facilitator guide, workbook, PowerPoint presentation

Directories, Catalogues
•  Canadian Who’s Who: Third Sector Publishingdirectory of biographies
•  Bookshelf and Awards: Canadian Authors Association – catalogue
•  Dogs Annual: Apex Publishers – directory of dog breeders
•  Toronto Map Guide: Apex Publishers – directory/map of Toronto accommodations and restaurants

•  Hansard, Northwest Territories: Assembly Editors Group – verbatim record of legislative proceedings in the NWT

Manuscript Evaluation

•  Pot Doc: Dr. Michael Geci – memoir about the battle to legalize medical marijuana in the US
The Spin: Suzanne Crone – humour/fantasy/sci-fi, novel
•  The G.O.D.: Amy Glin – speculative fiction, novel (read-through for the editor)
•  Blip: Amy Sharman – young-adult novel