I began editing at a small national magazine, where I got hands-on experience in all aspects of publishing – including brainstorming monthly themes and story ideas, liaising with writers, copy editing, project management and proofreading. I also took on feature writing, advertising and newsletter design, and development of other publications, and I left as managing editor.

I went on to establish Think Communications, where I help a range of clients connect meaningfully with their readers.

I work on a variety of publication formats, including books, magazines, newsletters, essays, reports, websites, social media and online learning, on incredibly diverse subjects. 

I’m based in Toronto, but my clients are from around the globe and include authors, publishers, academics, organizations, government agencies and businesses. See Portfolio.

What else does Think Communications offer?
•  Content design, formatting and layout.
•  Writing (feature, blurb, report, copy).
•  Transcription and transcription editing.
•  English as a Second Language editing (with experience in ESL teaching, curriculum development and online learning, and working with many authors for whom English is not their first language).

Other word-wonk stuff
I have an Honours BA in English Literature and Cultural Studies.

I’m a long-time member of Editors Canada, the professional organization for Canadian editors, and I’ve taken on a number of supporting roles with them. I’m currently the moderator of their Facebook members-only group.

I started a writers’ group, which now runs on Facebook. I’m a past director of the Stephen Leacock Associates, which oversees the Leacock Memorial Medal for literary humour and its $25,000 cash prize, and also revamped their website and launched their social media platforms.

Bottom line
Whatever the nature or size of your project, I have the experience and skills to help you make the most of your words. And I have access to a pool of talented colleagues who can pitch in whenever additional expertise is needed.

I love language, and I treat your words as respectfully as I would my own.

Please see the Contact Me page to get in touch or request a quote.

Thank you!

Joanne’s editing was a remarkably positive experience for me. From the outset, I sensed she was on my side and her edits were alway thoughtful, considerate and supportive. After she was done her work, I realized I had a much-improved manuscript — and still had my confidence as a writer. It was a wonderful experience […]

“Much-improved manuscript”

Her criticisms were always constructive and positive. She was able to find and fix flaws, both grammatical and stylistic, while staying true to my story and easily adapting to my style. She has an instinctive ability to find the right words…. Be prepared to smack your forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” many times. — C.L. Anderson, Love […]

“Constructive and positive”

Her editing work is superlative… [she is] able to absorb and apply often subtle and sometimes devilish editorial demands unique to our client…. Solid as rock, she was always on time, on schedule, and her work was outstanding. In the end, she joined me in final proofreading — a task I assign only to the best […]


I am a second-language English writer who greatly appreciates an editor who accepts and welcomes one’s themes and voice. Joanne was this editor. At no point did she unexpectedly change my manuscript or alter my voice, and that was simply AMAZING!!! She gave me courage to get to the finish, like a marathon runner at the finish line: exhausted but […]

“She gave me courage”

Joanne has edited two books for me, the first two instalments in my dark fantasy series. I was constantly amazed at the observations she provided that seemed so clear after she made them, but which I hadn’t seen in multiple rewrites. These were not simply cosmetic (though here as well Joanne really helped to polish […]

“Tighter, clearer, with sparkle and shine”

I am very impressed with the mountain of notes and corrections, and the quality of your suggestions. From what I have read so far, every single one was warranted and/or needed and will definitely lift the final product onto a much higher level. I know you do this for a living, but still – thank […]

“So much better”

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