Make the most of your words

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I help you connect with your readers by ensuring your meaning is clear, concise and compelling. The end result is an engaging read for your audience.

Depending on what your manuscript needs, I address structure, flow and pacing, consistency and language, and grammar, spelling and punctuation, all while retaining your voice — or that of your characters. Fiction or nonfiction — it’s all good. 

I also do manuscript evaluation and proofreading and a few things in between. With solid writing and design experience in the mix, I can ensure all the elements of your project play nice together. I’m ready to jump in at any stage or manage the whole shebang.

I love language, and I treat your words as carefully as I would my own. Whether your project is large or small, whether you want to educate, entertain, persuade, promote or tell a riveting story, I’m here to help you make the most of your words.

Joanne’s editing was a remarkably positive experience for me. From the outset, I sensed she was on my side and her edits were alway thoughtful, considerate and supportive. After she was done her work, I realized I had a much-improved manuscript — and still had my confidence as a writer. It was a wonderful experience … Continue reading “Much-improved manuscript”

“Much-improved manuscript”

Her criticisms were always constructive and positive. She was able to find and fix flaws, both grammatical and stylistic, while staying true to my story and easily adapting to my style. She has an instinctive ability to find the right words…. Be prepared to smack your forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” many times. — C.L. Anderson, Love … Continue reading “Constructive and positive”

“Constructive and positive”

… a trusted and reliable editor… patient, insightful and supportive… painstaking in her attention to each detail at every stage in the process. — Michael Jones, The Soul of Place

“Insightful and supportive”

Her editing work is superlative… [she is] able to absorb and apply often subtle and sometimes devilish editorial demands unique to our client…. Solid as rock, she was always on time, on schedule, and her work was outstanding. In the end, she joined me in final proofreading — a task I assign only to the best … Continue reading “Outstanding”


I am a second-language English writer who greatly appreciates an editor who accepts and welcomes one’s themes and voice. Joanne was this editor. At no point did she unexpectedly change my manuscript or alter my voice, and that was simply AMAZING!!! She gave me courage to get to the finish, like a marathon runner at the finish line: exhausted but … Continue reading “She gave me courage”

“She gave me courage”