2016-03-10 04.36.21-websiteI’ve been helping self-publishing and small-press writers, publishers, academics, organizations, businesses, associations and agencies connect with their readers for over 25 years.

As an editor I bring a kind but careful eye to your words, ensuring your prose is accurate and easy to understand while preserving your voice. As a designer I create crisp, clean layouts that allow your words to shine. As a writer, I craft compelling text at a variety of levels for diverse audiences.

I know story development and assignment, manuscript evaluation, structural and substantive editing, copy and style editing, proofreading and project management like the back of my hand. My clients have presented a vast array of subject areas and span the globe. With writing, design and social-media expertise in the mix, I have the skills to make all elements of your project play nice together, and I can jump in at any stage. 

Whether you want to inform, entertain, persuade, promote or tell a riveting story, I help you make the most of your message. I love language, and I treat your words as carefully as I would my own.